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UKPhotos .org aims to promote the work of local photographers demonstrating a range of genre to provide customers with easy access to a variety of professional expertise and high-quality images suited to their needs. 


Photography is an exciting, broad-based way-of-life for many involved in trying to capture that certain 'moment' in an ever-changing world.  All our resident photographers have their own specialist areas of interest and ways of displaying their talents, from capturing that special  'moment', being creative with the real or the abstract, experimenting with light, colour, shape and form or working their magic in the darkrooms or through image processing for high-quality output to hard copy or for electronic presentation.

This site will remain dynamic and innovative, keeping up with ever-changing demands but will retain its overall aims and 'feel'.  We hope that you find our site exactly how we've described it and welcome your feedback and contributions to make this site even better.

Best wishes,
Joe Kaplonek (founder, UKPhotos.org)

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